Christian Priorities on July 4th

Stirring words of rebellion written by a Deist, who published his own “Bible” after removing all references to the miraculous. Is there any indication in scripture that our King Jesus would agree with Jefferson’s “Declaration” any more than with his “Bible?”

As my last post indicates, the RadicalFish of the 1st three centuries did not fight with arms for, or against Rome. They refused to use violence to save their own lives or those of others. They lived as aliens and strangers in the lands of their first birth–giving deference and allegiance to the land of their second. For this they gladly suffered. Are we willing to follow them, and their king?

It seems that too often we allow our faith to be defined and constrained by our culture–to allow it to set our priorities, rather than do the hard work of trying to apply His teachings to our lives. Christian priorities on July 4th should be the same as they are every day–To love God, and our neighbors as ourselves.  To love our enemies, and do good to those who wish us ill.  To take up our cross and follow Him. Laying down our lives for others does not mean killing for them.

Sadly, it is not just the exposure of the picture which is dark.


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