The Problem with Christ

The time has finally come to address The Problem with Christ.

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The Problem with Christ

In recent posts I have detailed a point of view which was clearly the position of the early Church. This position is often expressed in the New Testament, but is strangely absent from the teaching of most churches today. I have even alluded to the fact that modern translations consistently make choices that seem to obscure the very possibility of even seeing the position the early church held, in the Bible.

While many hold that the first followers of Jesus were in error on this point, I have found no church historians who deny that what I have presented was indeed their position. Please let me know if you can show me a source I have missed.

We have heard our third-century brother, Origen explain why the church refused to participate in politics because of its allegiance to its King Jesus. You have read how Paul expected his readers to give up their nationality to be members of Jesus’ new nation. Your have read how Jesus said the “royal power of God” was being taken away from the nation of Israel and being given to another nation. You heard in the last post: “…the rock is Peter’s confession that Jesus is the “christos,” which we now understand means king.

Whoops, I goofed! I failed to realize that while this proposition has been stated several times in the course of this blog—I have never defended the proposition, nor given you any significant reason to believe it. Now is the time to change that. For the past two years I have been working on a book to communicate this idea clearly and convincingly. That book was released as a Kindle edition about two months ago. After several revisions the print edition has just been released.

The book, The Problem with Christ; Why we don’t understand Jesus, His enemies, or the early Church, is an integral part of the ministry of this blog. While it is possible to understand the book without reading the RadicalFish blog; it will be difficult to fully understand the blog without reading the book.I have been offering the introduction and first chapter to those who sign up for our updates. I am sharing a section of that in today’s blog in hopes that it will whet your appetite for more. For those of you who are members of; they are hosting a drawing for ten people to win a copy of the print edition.

If you are intrigued, puzzled, or even confused by the message I have been sharing, or if you want to understand the New Testament better—please read the book!

I would also urge you to read the reviews on the Kindle edition’s Amazon page to see what previous readers have thought. After you read the book I hope you will be willing to write your own honest review. This will help others to find the book since other authors report that Amazon’s algorithms for granting exposure are based both on sales, and the number of five-star reviews. The book has already received some very nice reviews, but we need as many as we can get to help spread this important message.

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