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The Christian Nation -
  • The Christian Nation - The Christian Nation -

    Are you a part of the Christian nation, or part of the nations who oppose it? Where is the Christian nation and who are its citizens? Read on to find out.

  • Since most seem to confuse the English word "nation" with "state", often considering them synonymous, might we not be wise to translate "ethnos" as "people group"?

    For me, people group makes clearer the cultural context of ethnos and steers clear of the power dimension.
  • Thank you, Chris, for referring us to the article by Mr. Rasmussen on nation vs. State. It was helpful in clarifying the total confusion in most English-speakers beliefs about the meaning of nation. 

    His points reinforce my opting to eschew translating ethnos as nation. I'll continue to use "people group" instead especially given Mr. Rasmussen's conclusion when he says:

    Nations, far from being immutable and unchanging entities, are constantly evolving and changing - they are "imagined communities", and they are constantly re-imagining themselves." 

    The above doesn't describe the nation of Jesus Followers, The King's worldwide Body. But, it's a wonderful description of the myth of the "Christian Nation", eh?

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