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The Enemy Within; Why Christian allegiance Matters -
  • The Enemy Within; Why Christian allegiance Matters - The Enemy Within; Why Christian allegiance Matters -

    As the time of our Lord's appearing draws closer, it is important to America's well being that we know where Christian allegiance lies.

  • Amen Brother! "In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom
    that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It
    will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will
    itself endure forever.  Haleluia, Praise and Honor to our King
  • Chris,It seems to me that too many committed Christian laymen and theologians are much too fixated on the past.  The God of Creation is the God of the Present!  He is always and everywhere creating something more positive, anew.  That is repeated again and again in scripture. Why are we always fighting "the last war"?  Because we mistakenly think it is our role to protect or defend God from attack.  Our role is to demonstrate love, kindness, acceptance and charity toward strangers, family and friends.  Our role is to stop being defensive: it is, instead, to BE proactive!  If we act out what we believe we see the Lord doing all the time, everywhere, we won't be tempted to fall into a reactive mode.I am not saying, at all, that you are doing this.  What I am saying to other believing Christians is:  What are you FOR?  Nobody cares what you are against.  Everybody is "against" something.  What are you FOR?  What has the Lord of Creation, the Alpha and the Omega, demonstrated to you that you should celebrate?  What is HE FOR?Let's focus on that.  Let's leave it to the media to harp on the negatives.  That's how they garner their ratings.  By contrast, let us demonstrate what ordinary, everyday Christians of every stripe are FOR!As we do that, we will begin to win.  As we fall into the panic mode of the huge crowd in the world, we will become just one more meaningless cipher.  "Tell it like it is!"  Means this:  Go outside, neighbor, and look at the night-sky.  If you can fail to find more stars than you can count, call us.Blessings, Brother.  Come back, soon!S
  • An excellent post.Something to keep in mind, though. While our alligiance is to Jesus and not "Ceasar", like Paul, as temporal citizens of our nation (state, municipality, etc) we do still have the right to speak. There does come a point of ambassadorial/prophetic witness to the state where we should be able to and feel free to speak. However, it is an ambassadorial stance and we need to remember that we cannot necessarily expect the state to listen and follow with us...we, however, once we speak, should continue to obey our Lord even if it leads to prison, the lions, the flogging post, or the cross.
  • Tristaanogre,  thank you for posting your thoughts here, I am hoping that this forum will be a source of intelegent and respectful conversation for people seeking to be faithful to king.  I realize my perspective may seem strange to many, so I am particularly grateful for your appreciation.

    Concerning your comments - amen and amen!  As
    followers and ambassadors of our king, we have the obligation to make
    prophetic proclamation to the "powers that be" on both a civic and
    spiritual level.  We are in a state of war with these powers until that
    glorious day when "The kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of
    our Lord, and of His king."  As a result we can expect no diplomatic immunity or quarter from our foe - "Those who live godly in King Jesus
    will suffer persecution.

    One point of clarification may be in order.  Citizenship only 
    applies to ownership by a sovereign.   One cannot have multiple
    citizenship, allegiances, or sovereigns. Dual citizenship is a legal
    courtesy which international law declares void among combatant nations. 
    A citizen of the U.S. may be loyal to his boss, wife, or municipality,
    but none of them are his sovereign if he is a U.S citizen - He must hold
    to his oath - the legal basis of his citizenship.

    A future post
    will address the situation of Paul's example  as it is often
    misunderstood due to  cultural and translational difficulties.  But for
    now you need only read the U.S. oath of allegiance and ask yourself if
    you can "absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and
    fidelity" to  your sovereign and potentate King Jesus, to whom you have
    heretofore been a subject or citizen?  If not, you have no basis
    claiming to be a citizen of the U.S.

    I realize that this is contrary to the teaching of many churches who interpret Romans 12 as instructions to be "good citizens."  They unfortunately fail to recognize the legal distinction between citizenship and residency - a distinction that is carefully maintained throughout the New Testament.
  • SRSwain,  I miss your wisdom my friend.  I hope to see you in about a month, Lord willing.
  • This Canadian agrees, Chris, although our laws are slightly different,
  • Thanks Gary - In reality, while the wording differs slightly all governments have some form of oath which recognizes the sovereignty of the nation or its titular head.  I know of know government no mater how liberal that makes allowances for citizens to recognize any other sovereign, other than their nation.  This is only fair - you cannot allow people to help form the government, who are not absolutely subject to that government.  This is why "nation building" by force cannot work.  The disparate elements hold more respect for their own positions than for that of the whole.  When major disagreements arise, each team wants to take the ball and go home.

    Below is the Canadian oath via Wikipedia:

    The Oath of Citizenship is today a legally binding oral and written contract intended to ensure that new Canadian citizens
    promise to obey the laws and customs of their new country, fulfil their
    duties as citizens, and recognize the authority of the monarch as the personification of the state and various entities and concepts.[8][9] Its current form is as follows:I swear (or affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen.[10]

  • Thank you for your reply, Chris! I was not notified by email that you had done so.

    Yes, I was aware that immigrants becoming citizens of Canada take an oath of 'allegiance'. Citizens by birth in Canada do NOT have to take an oath to exercise ANY of our rights.

    Allegiance, according to Mariam Webster, means:
     (1) : the fidelity owed by a subject or citizen to a sovereign or government (2) : the obligation of an alien to the government under which the alien resides.

    I am not a lawyer. But, I believe my ONLY fidelity or obligation as a citizen is the same as any resident, citizen or not: that is to "obey the laws of Canada".

    My primary fidelity as a Jesus Follower is to my King  Jesus. Under Canad's Laws as I understand them, my primary fidelity to God does not conflict in any way with me exercising all my citizen rights ...provided I obey our laws.

    Nor, do I believe that I violate any New Covenat commands by voting, paying taxes, expressing my opinions to my elected reps at civic, provincial or federal level, etc.. In fact, I would argue that I violate my King's commands when I do not because of my primary fealty to Him ...provided those activities do not violate Scripture.

    On meditatively re-reading your piece, I find myself uncomfortable with your position that we are "at war" with our States as citizens of the Kingdom of God. I'd apprecite you sharing the Scriptural basis for your opinion?

    In the meantime, I'll rest comfortably with my dual citizenship while in my "earth suit" and residing in the greatest and freest country on the planet, Canada, of which I'm also unabasedly proud ...just less so than Jesus!

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