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An Early Christian Blogs About Christians in Politics -
  • An Early Christian Blogs About Christians in Politics - An Early Christian Blogs About Christians in Politics -

    In the 2nd Century AD, the Romans wanted Christians in politics and the military, and rebuked Christians for their refusal to participate in either. Why?

  • I am pretty much with you on this.  The way politics works, and always has worked, compels those who serve in it compromise at best and outright treason against the Kingdom of God at worst.  Plus the many other reasons you have stated in these blogs, Christendom needs to seriously re-evaluate this issue.
  • Wow, I don't know how to react.  I am unaccustomed to to agreement on these issues, so I am grateful for your input. I am only laying the groundwork at present for a complete system of theology and ethics, so I hope you will hang around and see how it develops.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to write as often as I like so it may take a while ;-).

    I hope you will be willing to sign up for our updates and check out the 1st chapter of the book.  The link is at the bottom of most posts - unfortunately my tech deficiency requires that folks sign up for that, and the forum separately. If you like the first chapter, I hope you will check out the book on amazon and leave a review.  The link is -

    BTW - I love your username. :-)

    In the king whom we serve - Chris
  • Right on my friend!  Thank you for the encouragement.  Too often I feel like I am spitting against the wind, so your kind words are greatly appreciated.  Out of curiosity - how did you find your way to this lonely outpost of our king?
  • Maina, thank you, you are gracious. It grieves me that the followers of our king are so easily tricked into forgetting what allegiance is, and who it is owed to--into thinking that we can have more than one, and that we can serve two masters. 

    Our enemy's strategy is not limited to the U.S., though the size of the U.S. footprint in the world means he gets more reward for his work in that area. He has used it to great effect for over 1,700 years. I spend much time in Costa Rica, and even in that small nation, "evangelical Christians" have their own political party. Out of curiosity, where are you located?

    Maina, you are in my prayers. May the favor of our king shine upon you.

    Your servant, in the king we serve--Chris
  • Perhaps one reason Origen's views re political participation were ultimately rejected by the church is their lack of biblical foundation.  For example, Daniel had no problem serving as Nebuchadnezzar's prime minister (well, he did almost get executed---but he didn't have a moral problem with doing the job).  After God gets him out of the lion's den (and Nebuchadnezzar sort of apologizes) Daniel tells him: " before you, O king, I have done no wrong.” (Dan.6.22,NRSV).  And because of Joseph's direction of Pharoah's food stamp program (see Gen 45.7-8
    the nation of Israel survived.  In the New Testament, we note the conversion of Queen Candace's treasurer (Acts 8.27) Cornelius the godly centurion, baptized by Peter (Acts 10.47) and the greetings of "Erastus, the city treasurer" (Rom. 16.23) 

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