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Being faithful to Jesus requires understanding His message the way He intended you to.

Jesus’ first followers understood His message differently than most Christians today — maybe that’s why today’s Church is so different from theirs.

Radically Faithful to Their King

I want to encourage you to be as radical as they were — to understand Jesus and His teaching the way they did — to turn your world upside down!

Who has not read the Sermon on the Mount and not wondered why most Christians today do not follow its simple instructions?  Who has not read the book of Acts and wondered why we do not see such things today?  Are those two questions related? You know you must believe in Jesus Christ, but do you even know what that means?  Is the only difference in your belief in Him, and a child’s belief in Santa Clause, the fact that what you believe is really true?  What did the first Christians believe that you don’t?  These are the kinds of questions we will pursue.  Sign up for RadicalFish updates and participate in the pursuit of penetrating answers to these and other questions.  In addition, you will receive a copy of the first chapter of the new book, “The Problem With Christ.”

This stand alone chapter will introduce you to an amazing open secret.  It will allow you to read the New Testament in a way that:

  • honors Jesus
  • inspires you to be faithful
  • encourages you to be obedient
  • gives insight into what has been lost in translation


Your prayers and counsel are needed as I seek to rekindle the zeal of first century faith. Sign up for updates so we can begin a dialog that will help all of us be more faithful to our King.


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Please understand, you will not find any magic formulas here, and I am no spiritual giant.  I struggle just like you do to be faithful to my Lord, but I believe He has allowed me to see a few things over the years that have greatly fortified my faith in Him.  I believe that some of these things will encourage and animate your faith as well.  Sign up for RadicalFish updates, and read the first chapter of my book.  If you find it’s not for you – no problem.  Just click the unsubscribe link you find at the bottom of all my emails.

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