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Which Book Cover Do You Like Best? -
  • Which Book Cover Do You Like Best? - Which Book Cover Do You Like Best? -

    This is the first post in quite some time and I have been busy working on the book “The Problem With Christ,”  which is in final editing and formatting.  Joe Ebersol has done a fantastic job of designing two cover options, and I simply cannot decide which one I like best.  They each have their advantages.

  • For my self, I prefer the Chess cover... Looking forward to reading it!
  • Thanks tristaanogre. You Now have the proud distinction of being the first person to post on this blog!!! I was not even sure this forum plugin was working.

    The blog itself is just getting started and is not even available to the search engines yet. I hope to write at least one post this weekend and open it up to them.

    Please be in prayer that our king will use it as He sees fit.
  • Chess and Jesus (and/or the early church)? I don';t see the connection. Perhaps the book lays it out more clearly, but the title and subtitle do not match the chess cover. It looks like the wrong book.
  • You make a good point! Actually there is a connection but it is admittedly subtle. If you read my latest post "Are you a Radical Fish; Part 2," it might clarify things a little.

    My cover designer came up with the idea on his own, after reading the book. I had suggested the crown of thorns. I have been surprised that most people seem to prefer the chess motif. I'm not sure if they get it, or just think it looks cool.

    One of the advantages of an E book is that the cover can be changed at will. For the print copy, I will probably go with the vote.

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