Welcome to RadicalFish.net,

As you can see there is not too much to see at this point, (OK, nothing really) as we are just getting started and still learning the ropes.  By God’s grace we will be adding a little bit more every week as time goes on, so please stop by and check us out.  Our goal is to encourage a mindset and world view that is rare today but was normative in the early years of the Church prior to the vast changes introduced in the fourth century.

We also plan to use this site as a venue to share what is going on at the Rancho de Gozo y Paz, our Ranch, goat dairy, and ministry in Costa Rica.

Ultimately, it is our hope that this site will be used by our King to bring glory and honor to His Father, and advance His Kingdom.  Join us as we seek to be faithful to Him, by pointing folks in our direction, signing up for our newsletter, and posting comments and questions.

Grace & peace to you all,


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