Loyalty without works is dead

But Juan is discouraged. It seems the props have fallen away from all sides. $12,000 is huge blow for him. We will be helping him with what we can, but if anyone would be interested in sharing a little of his loss, please contact me and I will facilitate a transfer to him.



Will we let our brother suffer for his loyalty alone?

I wrote my friend James, and he has given me permission to share this letter. I want to urge you to write him and share with him how you are praying and how you believe you are to help. With all the atrocities being carried out by our enemy in the world, this may seem trivial. What is impressive to me is that this brother is choosing to suffer rather than take action he understands could very well alleviate his suffering, but which he understands is contrary to our Lord’s instructions.

I know that some of you reading this don’t agree with him, and think he is foolish not to take advantage of the legal recourses he has available. I will address this issue in the future, but right now think the issue is irrelevant. The issue for him and for us is not our understanding, for that is not what saves us. The issue is loyalty, and there can be no doubt that our brother Juan is walking it out. Are you not willing to do the same? Loyalty without works is dead.

You may contact James Troyer via his email which is crforthekingdom at gmai… He too is a loyal brother in our king who can be trusted to deliver to Juan whatever message or gift our Lord leads you to share.

For the king,

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4 thoughts on “Loyalty without works is dead

    • You are absolutely right! That is clearly the point that our brother James makes when he says “Loyalty/Faith without works is dead.” The point I am trying to make is that in English “faith” and “believe” imply a different set of behaviors than “loyalty” does. The Greek words used by our Lord’s ambassadors had strong overtones of loyalty that is not often seen in English translation.

      Thanks for the good thought. :-)


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