Intellectual Humility: A Hidden Christian Virtue

Why won’t He let me stop here. Haven’t enough people dismissed me as a heretic. Now it seems that as I search the scriptures I am finding that it isn’t just the word for the object of our faith (“Christ”) that has been obscured, but that the very word faith itself, in English, does not convey what our king expects from us.

And now what?…

I am not sure at this point where this is heading. I do know that God has been gracious, and my time is not as free as it has been, because He has provided some much needed (albeit temporary) employment. I am hoping that I will be able to present smaller posts a bit more often, but that is uncertain. Time will tell.

I am embarking on a journey to understand more fully the New Testament Greek noun pistis (πίστις) , the adjective pistos (πιστός) and the verb, pisteuo (πιστεύω). These are usually translated into English using the noun “faith’” or belief,” the adjective “faithful,” and the verb “believe.” I am convinced that at the very least the meaning of those terms will need to be modified in my mind. If that proves untenable then I will need to find substitutes that will allow for a more biblical mode of thought.

I have only the dimmest idea of where this is going to end up, and I invite you to travel with me, and offer your questions and advice below. I do know (within the constraints of this current (possible) dream) that God grants favor to the humble and opposes the proud. I have no reason to believe that this does not apply to the area of the intellect as well.

Please pray that I will be truly humble as I pursue God’s truth in these areas. If you believe that this is revealing an important truth please +1, share, like, or otherwise tell others about it. And to our King Jesus be ALL the glory.

For the king,


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