Victory in Spiritual Warfare is Determined by Jurisdiction

And so it begins….

SEATTLE — The Washington attorney general has filed a consumer protection action against an eastern Washington florist who refused to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding, telling a longtime customer that it was “because of my relationship with Jesus Christ.”

As a student of the game of Chess, I find it hard not to envision the enemy of our souls engaged in a cosmic chess match with the Church. Unfortunately, it seems that sometimes the followers of our king have forgotten the lessons He taught us.

I have just read the above article on Google News and no doubt literally thousands of bloggers, reporters, and news editors of all persuasions, are currently banging away at their keyboards anxious to jump into the fray.

I do not want to.

I have just opened to the search engines. I want to focus on the early Church and how she focused on following her king Jesus. To share how that resulted in the Principalities and Powers, which govern the world, raining down their wrath on the joint heirs of the legitimate king. I want to share how He has authorized us to reign with Him in this age.

In my selfishness, I want to build an audience, not scare it off before it is even aware of what I believe the Creator wants me to share. Doesn’t He realize that this kind of story generates more heat than light; that the enemy will use this to divide and conquer?

But I am forgetting that He is the one that thought Gideon’s ragtag band of misfit soldiers was too imposing to serve His ends. That it needed whittling down.

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