The Problem with Christ

The fact of the matter is, the world is already ignorant of Him, as is Christianity itself, in a large measure. (I am simply using the word Christianity here in reference to those who call themselves Christians.)

While the Holy Spirit has indeed shed abroad the truth of “Christ” in the hearts of His followers, He has often done so without recourse to the first-century clarity of the word Christ itself. I hope to show you that, for almost 1,700 years, we’ve replaced the truth of “Christ” with another X—namely the word Christ!

So, what does Christ mean?

For several years, I have been asking individuals and groups this question, and have been dismayed to find no one that could give an answer that I felt was correct. At first I was tempted to believe—as you may be tempted now—that this was proof of my supreme arrogance, and/or self-delusion. This seemed far more likely than the possibility that the essential meaning of the central word of our faith, and the source of our identity as believers, could have been stolen from us long ago.

That said, I have been comforted by the fact that most people realized right away that they had no idea what Christ meant, and that they had simply resorted to guessing. (Typically, guesses included Savior, Blessed, Crucified, God, or even the last name of Jesus.) When they heard what follows, they were in joyous agreement. (For any scholars reading this, I should point out that the answer is not merely “messiah,” nor “anointed,” but please keep reading.…)

It needs to be emphasized here that we are not speaking of new truths. The Holy Spirit has already convinced you of the essential meaning of the word Christ if you are truly His follower; it is simply that God has allowed the enemy an apparent victory in rendering the word void of significance. By God’s grace, you will soon see how this happened, and why I make the ridiculous sounding claim that true followers of “the Christ” should no longer use the term.

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