Which Book Cover Do You Like Best?

Crown of Thorns Book Cover

Crown of Thorns Cover

Chess Theme Cover

Chess Theme Cover

This is the first post in quite some time and I have been busy working on the book “The Problem With Christ,”  which is in final editing and formatting.  Joe Ebersole has done a fantastic job of designing two cover options, and I simply cannot decide which one I like best.  They each have their advantages.

Please help us out and vote on the cover you prefer.

There has also been a lot of work going on behind the scenes on the blog.  Joe has also polished up our banner, and made that little “favicon” that you should see on your browser tab above.  I am hoping to release this blog into the wild within two weeks – no later than the end of April.  By that, I mean the blog will be open to be crawled by the search engines, and included in their results.  The password requirement has already been removed, and anyone with the URL can enter.  Please feel free to share it around.

In the mean time – go ahead and vote, and please leave some comments.



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